Q: What are the benefits of Caffeine in skincare?


Caffeine has been a staple in many a diet for many a year, and if you’re as obsessed with coffee as I am, it probably isn’t too hard to believe it can be as good for your skin as it is for your soul (or your ability to function before 10am). But we don’t quite have the accessibility for caffeinated skincare in our day to day lives as we do cafés, so let’s have a little look at two of Caffeine’s skin superpowers to help fill that gap!


Caffeine is a vasoconstrictor. Vasoconstrictors constrict blood flow by thickening the wall of the blood vessel, a common activity our bodies regularly do in response to environmental factors. For example, when you are in cold temperatures, your blood vessels might constrict to establish more insulation – causing you to look paler. The opposite occurs when you are hot, and is known as vasodilation.

Why might you want a vasoconstrictor working around your eyes, or face? Well, your blood vessels are largely responsible for inflammation, dark circles and/or heavy looking eyes, and restricting the amount of blood flow to that area, whilst encouraging circulation, they can help reduce their appearance. In general terms for your face, this helps to keep healthy blood flow, delivering helpful molecules to your skin cells to help repair damage or signs of ageing.


Caffeine is an antioxidant. A buzz word if ever you’ve heard one! If you’re not up to speed, antioxidants are ingredients which can slow or prevent damage caused by free radicals. And free radicals are unstable atoms which can damage cells and can be attributed to the ageing process; when they pair with split oxygen molecules it begins a process called oxidative stress. Hence antioxidants. They fight against oxidative stress.

We produce free radicals naturally in our own bodies, increasing as we age. But lifestyle choices like smoking and alcohol consumption can accelerate their production, as well as UV exposure.

One of the side effects of oxidative stress is wrinkles, which is why caffeinated skincare is often used for firming the skin. 

Looking for more antioxidising ingredients? Vitamins A, C and E are all great sources. (Vitamin A.C.E. Warming Gel Mask, perhaps?) 


Unfortunately, if your eye-related woes are genetic, caffeinated skincare may not be quite as effective. And just like coffee, caffeinated skincare is by no means a replacement for actual sleep or taking general care of your body.

But if you’re looking for that little pick me up before you walk out the door, or prep for a restful beauty sleep, cast your gaze no further than Caffeine. And take a peek at what its paired with; Caffeine Eye Serum also contains Green Tea Extract (another great antioxidant which protects you from environmental damage) and Pomegranate Extract (yep, another antioxidant, full of nutrients ideal for that delicate under eye skin). Once it’s in your hand, just roll it on with the cooling roller ball for that extra calming sensation; the team here at Q+A like to keep theirs in the fridge, the chilled rollerball really wakes up tired eyes up in the morning!

Or unscrew the lid and look at 5-HTP Face & Neck Cream, which blends Caffeine with Griffonia Seeds (which protects your skin against everyday pollutants and signs of ageing) and Biosaccharide Gum (the moisturising/smoothing/anti-ageing powerhouse) in a light yet hydrating base, perfect for picking you up in the morning, and keeping your skin energised after a long day. 


Who needs better reasons to love Caffeine?

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