Our Story

Skincare the Q+A Way

Hey, we're Q+A, a natural, clean and ingredient focused skincare brand on a mission to demystify skincare. If you’re wondering… it’s pronounced ‘Q and A’. We are here to answer some of your skincare questions.

We understand that skincare products can be confusing, so our mission is to simplify skincare and explain your skin needs through our unique Q+A checklist. All our products have been formulated with your skin-type in mind.

We're proud to be a UK business! All of our Q+A products are produced in Norfolk, UK at our in-house production facility. The Q+A brand has been developed by Ellipsis Brands; a family run company founded in 2013.

The Power of Naturals

At Q+A, we know the power of naturals. That's why our skincare range is 98% natural. Each one of our products features a range of key natural ingredients that will give you your best complexion yet.

We're saying no to silicones at Q+A: our serums use a unique water-based suspension system which differs hugely from formulas suspended in silicone (and other petrochemical bases). It's just as effective, and keeps your skincare regime as clean as can be. We look to nature first because we know it's where the best answers can be found!

Want to find out more about the key ingredients we use in each formula? You'll find unique information about them on every product page.

Cruelty Free & Eco-Friendly

No Q+A product has been tested on animals or ever will be. Our ingredient partners are COSMOS certified suppliers who put huge resources behind ensuring ethical supply chains. The Q+A products are not distributed in territories that require animal testing.

All Q+A products are vegan-friendly, asides from certain moisturiser emulsions which contain beeswax. Please check individual product pages for clarification.

Our products are also free from artificial fragrances and contain no mineral oil!