Q: What happens to our skin when we sleep?


We all know that getting enough sleep is important for our general health and wellbeing, and that certainly includes our skin… beauty sleep isn’t just a saying! So what happens to our complexions whilst we’re getting our seven to nine hours of shut eye?


Whilst we’re awake, our skin’s primary focus is staying protected, keeping our skin barrier strong and hydrated so stressors like the weather, bacteria, excess oils and dirt pollution can’t cause havoc! But when we get into deep sleep territory, the focus switches to regeneration. New collagen cells are being built, increased blood flow delivers repairing vitamins and minerals to reduce inflammation, healthy cells are rising to the top layer of your epidermis to replace dead cells, and those barriers come down for maintenance.

So when we only get a few hours of deep sleep, or a fitful night, repair is slowed down. Your skin doesn’t have the chance to do a complete repair on the day’s events, carrying undesirable effects over to the next day; dullness, signs of ageing, angry spots and UV damage all take their toll.

The reason we often get puffy eyes and dark circles when we’re tired is that blood flow slows, pooling under our eyes to create that deep colour, and not transporting enough goodness to tackle the swelling. Studies have even shown that with less sleep we tend to perceive ourselves as less attractive, which is no good!

Unfortunately, despite wanting to get a full night’s rest, sometimes it’s out of our hands. Whether you struggle with falling asleep or have very loud neighbours that are making noise at all hours, there are a couple things we can do to assist our skin for optimised repair and rejuvenation. The first, is to stay regular with your skincare routine! Our skin thrives off consistency and skipping your routine will give extra work for your skin overnight. Cleansing, in particular, is super important to make sure there are no pollutants or stressors sitting on your skin for hours on end that use energy to protect against, meaning your barriers don’t have a break to recharge. In fact, a double cleanse to start, and a good moisturiser or facial oil as your final step, ensures that your skin is protected regardless of how much deep sleep you get. Our Chamomile Night Cream in particular is designed to help your skin barrier overnight! 

Using a collagen-supporting serum, such as our Peptide Facial Serum, as part of your routine will help your cells build enough collagen to help reduce signs of ageing, keeping your skin even and youthful. Our Caffeine Eye Serum is also designed to help reduce under-eye puffiness and increase circulation, so applying before and after your snooze will help to keep you looking your best.


When it comes to sleep and skincare, there’s something that both thrive on… consistency! I hope you’ll be getting a good night’s rest - your skin will certainly thank you for it!


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