Q: Which moisturiser should I pick, Collagen Face Cream or 5-HTP Face and Neck Cream?


We’re changing things up a little this week for a head to head battle of our moisturisers. Unfortunately we’ve disqualified our Ginger Root Daily Moisturiser from this match up, not because it isn’t a fierce competitor (quite the opposite!), but to help those out there building their night time routines.

Well, if you’ve got oily skin, this one’s not even worth worrying over… The only champion you need is 5-HTP Face and Neck Cream! Collagen might be a little too heavy, and we’re all for the lightweight champ.

For the rest of us, though, let’s see who will take the crown…


Round 1: Versatility

In our Q+A world of budget-friendly skincare, we know the value of a versatile product. Unless you’re looking to target several different problems at once, being able to use the same moisturiser morning and night goes a long way. And that comes back to our weight classes. If a serum is a flyweight, then our 5-HTP is like I said, the lightweight champ. It has a thin, silky texture which absorbs quickly, leaving no oily residue on your skin. This also helps when it comes to making that jar last, because a little is going to spread nicely over your face and neck.

Our Collagen Cream, on the other hand, is a middleweight fighter. That beeswax helps give it a thicker, creamier texture which luxuriously hydrates your skin. This helps give the cream its emollient properties; protecting you by developing a barrier on top of the skin. Having this layer is fantastic whilst you’re sleeping to keep all that moisture in, however it’s not always what’s best for daily wear, especially if you’re on the oiler side.



Round 2: Purpose

Obviously these two creams aren’t interchangeable aside from their weight, it’s all about those ingredients and their benefits for your skin… Let’s dive in.


Our three hero ingredients for 5-HTP are Griffonia Seeds (from which 5-HTP is derived), Caffeine and Biosaccharide Gum. The griffonia shrub is native to Africa, and as you can imagine has had to learn to adapt to extreme sun exposure due to the climate. This process, which 5-HTP (or 5-hydroxytryptophan if you want to get technical) is integral for, translates to your skincare, preventing UV-damage to your skin. Whilst this makes it no match for SPF, it does make a great addition to your morning routine for extra protection, whilst also lifting and firming those signs of ageing caused by previous sun exposure.

After a long day a little puffiness can be expected, and caffeine in the answer! It improves blood circulation, reducing any redness or swelling from your face.

Then we come to Biosaccharide Gum, which has something called S.M.A.R.T performance. This stands for:

Soothing: it has the ability to reduce skin irritation, especially for those with sensitive skin experiencing everyday pollutants
Moisturising: with a similar ability as Hyaluronic Acid to retain moisture long-term 
Anti-ageing: the ingredient stimulates DNA repair, resistance to oxidative stress, and generally reduces signs of premature ageing 
Restructuring: regenerating barrier function, and strengthening the upper layers of the epidermis 
Touch: softening the feel of your skin, as well as giving it a silky texture 

Who doesn’t love a good acronym?  


Our Collagen Cream is repping, unsurprisingly, Vegetable Collagen, as well as Magnesium PCA, and Shea Butter. Vegetable collagen, in our case derived from seaweed, is a fantastic vegan option to animal-derived collagen. Unfortunately this doesn’t change the fact that collagen molecules are too large to properly penetrate the skin and work to the same effectiveness than our own collagen already does. What collagen creams are doing instead, is providing incredible moisturisation, temporarily smoothing out all those fine lines for an even appearance and making sure the moisture in your skin isn’t going anywhere in a hurry. What we use instead for increasing collagen production, is a pure peptide known as Tripeptide-29 (the same peptide we use in our Peptide Facial Serum). It’s a building block for collagen production, and the small molecule size helps it penetrate deep into the dermis where it’s needed.

Magnesium PCA, a salt compound, works as a humectant attracting moisture into the skin, whilst energising your complexion with anti-fatigue properties. The final hero is Shea butter, which is a serious hard worker. Not only does it boast great moisturisation, helping to improve the appearance of dry or irritated skin, it’s also packed with antioxidants and essential fatty acids to help restore skin elasticity and smooth out wrinkles. Shea butter is also renowned for its positive effect on skin conditions such as eczema, and is the reason we checked ‘calming’ on Collagen’s checkboxes.




You’ve seen their best moves, so now it’s time to pick your winner. Will you chose 5-HTP, the lightweight anti-age champion who can protect you day and night, or Collagen, our middleweight fighter who can moisturise, soothe and smooth in one fell swoop?  

That’s up to you! 


Hope you're all well,

Amy @ Team Q+A



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